Using the WordPress Header photo feature

WordPress comes with a “Header” feature built-in, although the theme used needs to have this activated, Celestial has this available to you. Generally this allowes you to upload and crop your own header photo or graphic. You can even have this rotate more than one photo. Although not totally flexible where you have this load in a page, this one is set for the Front Page only in Celestial.

When using the WP Header option, your front page would look like this:


You get a nice big image showing up with a curved graphic overlay which is designed for the front page only. I recommend you opt in for images that are at least 1920 pixels wide to ensure those with big monitors will get a great looking photo that has good quality sharpness. You will get an automatic setting for the height also set to 340px but you can drag the bottom of the cropping window area downward to increase the height if you want it to be bigger….


Using the WordPress Header Feature

  1. Go to Appearance >> Header
  2. Choose your image by uploading it or from one in your Media Library
  3. Crop the image to your preference with width, height, and position the cropping area, then crop it.
  4. Cllick “Save Changes